Membership Accreditation Requirements

For a number of years Property Managers engaged in the management of rental housing units were conscious of their lack of status and professionalism. These concerns were recognized by senior levels of government, and a feasibility study was initiated. This study confirmed the need for a professional organization and resulted in the establishment of The Institute of Housing Management, which was incorporated on January 16, 1976.

The members of the steering committee, at their initial meeting, unanimously endorsed the concept of the formation of a professional association, with appropriate standards set for eligibility for membership and accreditation.

The IHM Board of Directors has undertaken periodic review of the accreditation process and the aims and objectives of the Institute to remain current with today's professional and competitive property management envrionment. The original concept was subsequently modified to reflect the changing needs of the industry and to allow for a broader industry scope which would include those employed in industrial and commercial property management as well as those in the rental property management industry.


The Accreditation Process
The accreditation process begins when a member joins the Institute and is assigned a membership category based on experience and education.

Members wishing to be assigned or upgraded to accredited member status are required to have a combination of education and work experience.

Accredited member status will not be granted unless the individual applying for same has completed two of the five years of qualifying employment immediately preceding the application.

The IHM System for Accreditation


  • a minimum of five (5) years work experience for students not working directly with a AIHM/FIHM manger and three (3) years of experience if student is currently working under a AIHM/FIHM manager.
  • seventy-five percent of each year must be spent directly in property management or a related function.
  • experience can be obtained under the direct supervision of an individual with a recognized designation such as AIHM (Accredited Member of the Institute of Housing Management), FIHM (Fellow Member of the Institute of Housing Management), C.P.M. (Certified Property Manager), R.P.A. (Real Property Administrator).


  • successful completion of IHM recommended and/or recognized Community College property management courses* covering the five (5) components, plus one (1) elective in the IHM Recommended Study Course; or

  • recognized designation in property management (C.P.M., R.P.A.)

    Graduation from University or Community College in a discipline related to the property management industry (engineering, law, urban land, economics, etc.); or a

    Post Graduate Degree - May qualify for exemption credits. See "Electives"

*applicants should submit detailed outlines of courses completed, together with transcripts of marks, for consideration by IHM.

Application Process for Accredited Membership Status

Requests for Accreditation must contain the following information:

  1. Covering letter indicating an Accredited Membership is being requested.
  2. Completed Accredited Membership Application (PDF).
  3. Full 1 Year membership fee of $225.00, or 2 year of $430.00 - (plus HST).
  4. Copy of Final Course Certificate (program completion certificate)
  5. Detailed resume covering at least the past five years - in chronological order starting with current position.
  6. Detailed current job description – indicating all duties and responsibilities.
  7. Provide a brief overview of the Corporations holdings and Property Management roles/responsibility

Mail/fax to:

Institute of Housing Management
2800 14th Avenue, Suite 210
Markham, Ontario L3R 0E4
Tel: (416) 493-7382
Toll Free: 1-866-212-4377
Fax: (416) 491-1670

When applying for Accredited Membership, it is vital that the above information be included with your application request. Failure to submit any of the above may result in your application being denied or returned due to insufficient information. If your application is denied, you will be reimbursed the membership minus $35.00 for the review fee. You will be updated as to your application status within 45-60 days. If you have any questions, kindly contact the IHM Administration office at (416) 493-7382 Ext 144.

IHM/OMMI Accreditation

This accreditation recognizes both academic achievement and employment experience. IHM members who have completed Property and Building Administration and Building Maintenance for Property Managers can apply for the Housing Management Specialist designation. IHM members who have completed the four(4) core IHM education courses and met other requirements, can apply for the Housing Management Professional designation. This is a great opportunity for IHM members to be recognized for their academic and employment achievements.

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