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Managing Member/Tenant Relations

Friday, March 22, 2019
9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Meridian Co-op, 185 Ferguson Ave. N., Hamilton, Ontario

Presented by: Deborah Filice, BA, RSSW, FIHM, CIHCM, CMMIII

Have you experienced that aggressive, irrational and difficult tenant interaction? Its virtually impossible to work in property management and not encounter the upset tenant who attempts to absorb 90% of your time and energy.

In this workshop, participants will gain the knowledge and skills to manage those difficult situations, enhance personal communications skills, utilize problem-solving techniques in conflict management, embrace a tenant service culture and improve performance by feeling more prepared to manage human interactions.

Discussion areas will include:

  • Demanding and difficult tenant situations
  • Maintaining professionalism in conversation
  • Avoiding negative reaction and delivering resolution
  • Build on negotiation and conflict resolution skills
  • Communications strategies
  • Restoring & promoting positive resident engagement

Member - $165 + HST
Non Member - $215 + HST

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