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Oct 2017
Congratulations to IHM's New Honoury Candidate Member:
Chimere Appleton, AIHM (C)

Congratulations to IHM's New Accredited Members:

  • Kelly Jackson, AIHM
  • Joanne Kuipers, AIHM
  • Krista Scott, AIHM
  • John Worton, AIHM

Congratulations to IHM's New Candidate Members:

  • Matthew Bastone
  • Nancy Butts

May 2017
Congratulations to IHM's Newest Fellow Members

Kris Boyce, FIHM Christine Brutin, FIHM

Congratulations to IHM’s Newest Accredited Members

Ayla VanDerMeulen, AIHM
Michelle Debbie Bellavance, AIHM
Karen Maki, AIHM
Naime (Nina) Busho, AIHM
David Gawthrop, AIHM

Congratulations to IHM's Newest Candidate Members

Mirela Vasilescu
Elaine Porter
Lindsay Bradley
Denise Lucas
Kim McKibbon
Natalie Belanger
Angela Pringle
Ryan Pettipiere
Bernardo Navarro
Amanda Arnold
Andreea Mardare
Erin Marriott
Elinor Bahiti
Yuchi (Bell) Wang
Terry DaSilva
Susan Alexander

Congratulations to IHM's Newest Honourary Candidate Member

Joanne Hancott, AIHM (C)


Congratulations to IHM's Newest Corporate Member

Ontario Property Management Group Inc.  

Dec 9, 2016
Congratulations to IHM/OMMI New Accredited Members

Elizabeth Black, CMM III
Christine Brutin, CMM II

Joanne Kennedy CMM II

May 30, 2016
IHM 40th Annual Educational Conference
IHM celebrated its 40th Annual Educational Conference in April. A special thank you to our Guest Speakers, Sponsors and Delegates for making IHM 40th such a success. Click here to review pictures of the conference.

(Article from the IHM News newsletter - Summer 2016, Volume 64)
Hoarding and Fire: Reducing the Risk
Do you have a person in your life who may be a hoarder? Hoarding is a condition where a person has persistent difficulty discarding personal possessions. The large amount of possessions ἀll the home and prevent the normal use of the space. Living space becomes cluttered. It may be unusable. Hoarding brings distress and emotional health concerns.

Click here for the complete article (members only)

April 29,2016
Congratulations to IHM's Newest FIHM Members

Jim Mellor, FIHM
Philip Eram, FIHM
Donna Haley, FIHM
Ganesh Nandram, FIHM
Mary Parent, FIHM

April 1, 2016
Congratulations to IHM/OMMI New Accredited Members
IHM Congratulates the following on their OMMI Accreditation, This accreditation recognizes both academic achievement and employment experience. IHM members who have completed Property and Building Administration and Building Maintenance for Property Managers can apply for the Housing Management Specialist designation. IHM members who have completed the four(4) core IHM education courses and met other requirements, can apply for the Housing Management Professional designation. This is a great opportunity for IHM members to be recognized for their academic and employment achievements. Congratulations to: Mashkoor Sherwani, CMM II


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