Aims and Objectives of the IHM

1. To promote the science and art of Property Management, its standards and ideals and the education and training of individuals involved in the management and operations of publicly and privately owned residential, commercial, industrial and institutional buildings.

2. To promote an organization in which property managers can:

  1. promote the profession in all or any of its aspects;
  2. provide input to the management, development, design and construction to help achievement of optimum standards.

3. To provide a forum for the acquisition and dissemination of information that would help those involved in managing, operating, developing, designing, building and to those that provide equipment, products or services to the industry by:

  1. publishing and updating a recommended curriculum for educational institutions to follow;
  2. publishing a newsletter on a regular basis, containing information, observations and the view of expert contributors;
  3. arranging lectures, workshops, seminars, conferences, trade shows;
  4. encouraging the interchange of information and knowledge between people involved in development, design, construction, management, operations and support service industries.

4. To ensure that training programs, that are compatible with the identified needs, are made available to the industry.

5. To test and grant certificates to people desirous of entering the Property Management profession, or to those that seek upgrading and advancement.

6. To cooperate and affiliate with others in the property management, development, design, construction and support services industries.

7. To provide input for any legislation being proposed by municipal, regional, provincial or federal governments.