Message From the President

Is there light at the end of the tunnel? Depending on where you live or work the restrictions on society due to the horrific pandemic are starting to relax and we are able to start to resume a somewhat normal life.

We must still be diligent and wear masks, social distance and follow the protocols communicated to us by Health Organizations and Government. The last situation we want is to start having spikes in COVID 19 cases and the restrictions being placed back on us.

During this very challenging time we express our most sincere appreciation to all the first responders, health care professionals, and all the essential services which continued to provide such important supports and care. The Housing Industry has done an amazing job in providing the day to day services to our residents. Emergency repairs, communicating with residents, holding Board Meetings and dealing with contractors continued during the pandemic. WE found alternatives to provide all the services required.

Our Education programs flourished during the COVID 19 and IHM altered their priorities to continue to provide the learning opportunities to our members and non members. Online studies increased (as we were unable to provide in class instruction) and the Long Distance Program had the highest registrations in many years. It was encouraging people still wanted to learn and work towards their Accreditation. Our Colleges, George Brown, Conestoga and Humber offered multiple online courses every semester and the numbers of students enrolled continued to grow. Our thanks to our Instructors and the Colleges to change their priorities and offer our programs in various methods.

We pass on our sincere condolences to anyone who may have lost a loved one during the pandemic. There are very few of us who were not affected by this disease and it has been such a difficult time.

Please remember to continue to be safe, follow the guidelines communicated by various Agencies – it is better to be safe than sorry.

Lastly my sincere thanks to our Board Members, the staff at Association Concepts for their dedication and hard work during the never ending challenges we faced. It was very satisfying to see the hard work and so many ideas on how to meet our goals in a very challenging time.

Jimmy Mellor, FIHM