March 3, 2024 - Industry News

IHM Celebrating International Women's Week - Kris Boyce

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Kris Boyce, F.I.H.M 

Signet Group 

Key responsiblities are to maximize the value of the business, create brand loyality, provide strong strategic leadership. Signet Group to be Landlord of Choice and Employer of Choice.

What led you to a career in property management?

I completed my courses at Seneca College for Law Enforcement and did not secure a job in the Police Force, then I landed my first job in property management in 1984 as a site administrator at 30 and 35 Charles Street for Toronto Community Housing, back then it was called Ontario Housing Corporation.  Then the journey began.......

How many years have you worked in this profession?

1984 to 2024 - so far - 40 years.

What was your first job?

Site Administrator at 30 and 35 Charles Street for $12,500.00 per year.  February 1984. 720 units, two high rise towers. Spent 3 hours a day commuting to work.

What is your proudest professional moment?

1. 2003 being recognized as Property Manager of the Year - 20 years ago at FRPO (

2. 2015 being recognized as one of Canadas Top 100 Most Powerful Women through the Womens Executive Network. (

3. being honour with the designation of F.I.H.M.

What has been your biggest challenge?

Women in the Real Estate industry historically did not hold high ranking positions, I had to be very strategic, strong and resilient to navigate in the industry.  I was constantly educating myself on new technology, took courses, to keep fresh and had to prove my worth daily.

Who do you consider a mentor or hero?

My hero was my mom who travelled at 19 from Finland to be a nanny in Canada.  She taught herself English, eventually met my father, who became a Toronto Police Officer and they married.  My mom was kind, generous, intelligent and made a difference in some one elses life everyday.  She passed away August 1986 from Cancer.  She never talked about other people negatively, she gave food to the homeless, my winter coat to a child without a coat.  She taught me what the word intergrity meant.

What is the best advice you ever received?

Your life is your responsiblity, be the best version of YOU.

Work hard, stay humble, and never forget all the people in your life that supported you on your journey of life.  

What advice would you give to those entering the property management profession?

Listen more than you speak, be kind always.

Intergrity - do what you say you are going to do.

Continue your education to better yourself, take courses, webinars, network, find a mentor, write professionally in your emails and letters, grammar matters, attention to detail matters.

What changes have you seen in property management in recent years?

Customer Service in 1984 was very face to face, now digital not so personal.  Post Covid, many more social issues impacting resident relations and more soft skills are needed by front line staff and managers.  The RTA is backed up, the rental market is struggling with lack of housing and high rents, people will always need somewhere to live.  Stronger partnerships need to be established to provide a positive outcome in the years to come. Positives more ESG focus, development on the rise for rental purpose builds, social media can have a positive input with the right messages if used the right way.

What changes do you see facing this profession in the future?

More technology should enable us as professionals to anaylize the business needs to make more timely decisions to reduce expenses, increase revenue and track capex and cashflows.  

Fun fact you wish to share:

I sit on 2 boards, the GTAA and FRPO and have a 3 year Golden Retriever named Milo.