5 Day Online Format

IHM is pleased to offer each of the five Compulsory Courses within the Institute's Certificate In Property Management program in a rigorous five-day Online format.

Courses are offered in a 5-Day format either over a 5-day period, or over a 5-week period. The first four days include a Zoom session from 9:00am - 12:30pm eastern time, with asynchronous learning each week. The exam will take place on the 5th day.

Students are required to self-study to be prepared for the following week of instruction.


To request consideration or an exemption for an elective, please provide details with your request. Items required: a course outline, proof of completion, proof of mark or transcript (if applicable) and information as to the length of time that the course runs. Courses to be considered must be a minimum of 30 hours in duration. Two or more courses may be combined to count as one elective.


Please note that you must be employed in housing management at the time you enroll in a course. Students who are not seeking accreditation may take individual courses for skills updating/improvement; there is no requirement that they take all five courses.