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CMM Accreditation

IHM AND OMMI – WORKING TOGETHER TO OFFER CMM ACCREDITATION The Certified Municipal Manager (CMM) Accreditation program recognizes management capabilities of Ontario’s local government administrators. This accreditation recognizes both academic achievement and employment experience. IHM members who have completed Property and Building Administration and Building Maintenance for Property Managers can apply for the Housing Management Specialist designation. IHM members who have completed the four(4) core IHM education courses and met other requirements, can apply for the Housing Management Professional designation. This is a great opportunity for IHM members to be recognized for their academic and employment achievements.


Comparable Financial Analysis
Budget Summary Sheet eForm
On-Site Payroll Budget
Operating Income - Expense Budget

Human Resources

Application for Employment

Inspection Reports & Checklists

Apartment Exterior Inspection Report
Apartment Interior Inspection Report
Building Exterior Inspection Report
Building Interior Inspection Report
Grounds & Amenities Inspection Report
Replacement Reserve Worksheet
Unit Make Ready Report

Maintenance & Mechanical

Mechanical Equipment Service Record
Property Maintenance Record


Exit Interview
Smoke Detector Acknowledgement
Suite Meter Information
Occupancy and Turnover Report
Rent Delinquency Report
Summary of On-site Collections