Elective Exemption/Program Completion Certificate

When applying for Elective Exemptions or Program Completion Certificates, it is vital that the following information be included with your application request. Failure to submit any of the following may result in your application being denied or returned due to insufficient information. If you have any questions, kindly contact the IHM Administration office.

Elective Exemption Requests

Kindly note that exemption is available ONLY for the 1 elective course of the program. There are no exemptions available for the compulsory courses. Please review the Elective Guidelines to determine if the course qualifies or is a pre-approved elective.

Requests to contain the following information:

  1. Completed Elective Exemption request form.
  2. Final course transcripts indicating a minimum passing grade of a 'C' mark.
  3. Course descriptions – this may be taken from a course calendar or college website – please note that in order to qualify for an exemption, courses must be a minimum of 30 hours of classroom time in length. Two shorter courses may be combined to equal one elective.
  4. Exemption fee of $35.00 plus 13% HST. Fee is waived for paid up IHM members.


Program Completion Certificate

Requests to contain the following information:

  1. Program Completion Certificate request form
  2. Copies of course certificates or college transcripts and/or letters of exemption for any of the courses making up the Certificate.
  3. Fee of $50.00 plus 13% HST. Fee is waived for paid up IHM members.


** If you have taken all five core courses and the one elective through Humber College, we strongly suggest that you make the request for the Program Completion Certificate through Humber College.