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IHM News - Spring 2017, Issue 67

(Article from the IHM News newsletter - Spring 2017, Volume 67)
Why RFPs Often Suck (and how to make them better)

Most of us have a complicated relationship with Request for Proposals (RFPs). Speaking with the folks who issue them and those who respond to them, no one seems to find this a satisfactory process. We all agree that a transparent process is essential in the spending of public dollars, but there are unquestionably some things that can be done to improve how these processes occur.

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Dec 9, 2016
Congratulations to IHM/OMMI New Accredited Members

Elizabeth Black, CMM III
Christine Brutin, CMM II

Joanne Kennedy CMM II

Oct 14, 2016
Congratulations to IHM’s New Accredited Members

Michelle Twiss, AIHM
William Damian, AIHM
Tammy Marquis, AIHM
Vanessa Van Dette, AIHM

Congratulations to IHM’s New Honoury Candidate Member

John Moutopalas, AIHM (C)  

Congratulations to IHM’s New Candidate Members

Aaron Hunter
Donna Ramdeen
Peter McQuinn
Tammy Wilkinson
Cyra Elva
Fred Zarrabi
Rebecca Karmiris
Doina Coloji
Cindy Czerwinski
Adam Christmas

Congratulations to IHM’s New Affiliate Member

Ruth Jimenez  

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