Compulsory Courses

1. Property and Building Administration
This course is designed to provide insight into the functions of management in the administration of large buildings and complexes. Topics will include the Residential Tenancies Act, lease negotiation, rent geared to income, breach of contract procedures, collection procedures, insurance and liability, management information systems, building start-up and take over and marketing/advertising of rental units.

2. Building Maintenance for Property Managers.
The purpose of this course is to provide an understanding of maintenance management services, for those involved in the property management sector or a related field. It will give a general overview of management systems, such as the principles of residential construction, building science(s), specification writing, management's responsibility for the management of life safety systems, contract management, and the impact of the Construction Lien Act.

3. Strategic and Financial Planning for Property Managers
This course is designed to provide a complete review of the accounting process and principles, the managerial use of accounting and financial statements and their analysis, and budget preparation procedures for property managers. In addition, the techniques and approaches for establishing and organizing objectives and implementing strategies will be discussed.

4. Human Relations for Property Managers
Property Managers must develop the analytical and behavioural skills related to supervision of employees. In addition, they must also interact with tenants, owners, sub-contractors and the general public. Topics will include decision making, leadership, delegation, team building, motivation, counselling and coaching, evaluation, discipline, personnel procedures, recruitment, public relations, client/tenant services, owner/board liaison and business ethics.

5. Tenancy Law in Ontario
The intent of this course is to introduce the student to the law of residential tenancies governing landlords and tenants in Ontario. The course is designed to give the student a firm understanding of the basic legal principles articulated in the legislation. It will also focus on the practice and procedures at the Landlord and Tenant Board. The student will gain practical hands-on experience ranging from filing and serving legal documents to advocacy skills.

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