IHM Board of Directors 2022-2023


President, Conference Committee Member
Jim Mellor, FIHM

Director of Operations, Precision Property Management
22 Goodmark Place, Suite 22, Toronto, ON M9W 6R2
Tel: 416-887-9253
Fax: 416-675-0170
Email: jimmym@ppmgmt.ca

Vice President, New Opportunities Committee Member, Marketing/Membership Committee Member
Kevin McCann, FIHM

Email: kevinmccann98@hotmail.com

Secretary-Treasurer, Conference Committee Chair
Lynn Alexander, AIHM

Region of Durham Housing Services
P.O.Box 623
Whitby, ON L1N 6A3
Tel: (905) 666-6222
Fax: (905) 666-6225
Email: Lynn.alexander@durham.ca



Education Committee Member
Ed Cipriani, AIHM

Email: ecpm@skylinc.net

Marketing/Membership Committee Member
Stacy Ellis, AIHM

Property Manager, Housing Operations
Community and Health Services, Housing Services

The Regional Municipality of York
145 Essex Avenue, Richmond Hill, ON L4C 0W8
Tel: 905-898-1007 ext. 72717 | 

New Opportunities Committee Chair
Phil Eram, B.Sc., FIHM

Precision Property Management Inc.
22 Goodmark Place, Suite 22, Toronto, ON M9W 6R2
Tel: 416-675-2223
Fax: 416-675-0170
Email: pgsd@cogeco.ca

Education Committee Chair, Conference Committee Member, Communications Committee Member
Deborah Filice, MEd, FIHM, CIHCM, CMMIII, RSSW

Humber College
Continuing Education, Professor
Tel: 289-244-8269
Email: filiced@cogeco.ca

Communications Committee Chair
Francesca Filice, B.A., AIHM

Property Manager
Pelham Non-Profit Housing Corporation
Tel: 905-892-1743
Email: Pelhamnph@bell.net

Marketing/Membership Committee Chair
Marissa Zuliani, AIHM

Property Management Solutions Inc.
3542 Walker Road, Windsor, ON N8W 3S4
Tel: (226) 961-3323
Email: info@propertymanagementsolutions.ca

Education Committee Member
Tracey Csordas, AIHM

Email: traceycsordas@yahoo.com

Communications Committee Member
Lana Litke, AIHM 

Tel: 905-746-3514
Email: LanaMLitke@gmail.com

Conference Committee Candidate Member
Stacey Sanelli

Tel: 416-887-1251
Email: staceys@ppmgmt.ca